Soğanlı  tour 

35 $

Transportation,Professional guiding, Lunches  ,Admission fees to the museums and sights,taxes

Mustafapaşa (Sinasos)

It is an old Rum Village. The houses were treated with the most beautiful examples of rum stonemasonry. It is the favorite tourism place in recent years. It is the indispensable place of TV series.

Taşkınpaşa (Damsa)

On our way, there are a madrasah and a Mosque that are made by Taşkın Paşa of Karamanlı Commands. The restored madrasah is used as a library and the mosque still continues its operation as being opened to worship. Both of them can architecturally be explained as a masterwork . It is known that incomes of Mustafa paşa village are dedicated for the maintenance of social complex. Social complex is dated to 1350’s. On the way, there is Keşlik Priory.

Şahinefendi (Söveşe)- Sobeses Antique City

With Kırkharamiler and Altıparmak Churches, Sobesos antique city is one of the remarkable tour places where have been excavation works since 2002.


Soğanlı Valley has been used as a settlement since Rome period. Romans used the stone places as graveyard, but Byzantines used as settlement and church. In the zone, among nearly 50 rock churchs and caves, especially Karabaş, Tokalı, Yılanlı, Kubbeli, Saklı ve St. Barbara (Tahtalı) Churches are remarkable for their interior ornamentations which have been reached up to the present day. Especially Karabaş Church is worthy of attention due to its frescoes were made in rock churches in the three different periods.

Soğanlı has recently been indispensable of tour routeings because of manufacturing of rag baby. In this tour, lunch is given in this village.

Tilköy caravanserai


Underground city

Göre(old village) 

Panoramic wiev