Turkish bath

Price:25 € 
There are many bathhouses in Kapadokya. Among them, Göreme Bath and Avanos Alaaddin Bath are really famous. Besides, Bayramhacılı and Kozaklı hot springs are worthy of bathe. You will be picked up your hotel and taken into a bath upon your choice. The basic function of bath is being washed in company with having fun by Turkish style music society. At the and of the tour, you wil be again transferred to your hotel. Turkish bathes are mainly separated into 3 parts:
Change rooms
Washing rooms
Bath (Warmth)
Warming room ( Furnace)
Change Rooms
There are a sofa and septate berms around it. Persone who are washed, lie and take a rest on these berms.
Washing Rooms
They are the bath section where you enter by passing ‘Coldness’. Here is also separated in some parts: Head of basin of a bath is the place where people take a bath one by one and bathing cells which is closed and private is called as Privacy. Besides, there is central massage platform, you lie and perspire on it. This place could be made higher than the marble covered floor of the bath and could has various geometric figures.
Warming room ( Furnace)
It is under the bath and has a fire. Flame and fume rise from fire and pass through the special ways under the floor and inner of walls and then go out of the chimney that is called as tüteklik.