Dervish Show


How about watching performance of whirling dervishes which is one of the internationally famous elements and is the magnificient rite of Mevleviyeh that had been started up under the leadership of Mevlana in the magical ambience of Kapadokya. You can feel the warmth of the love message of Mevlana that embrances and hugs all humanity in your heart.

Performance of whirling dervishes is performed by master whirling dervishes and Mevlevi musicians under the leadership of head of whirling dervishes. With dance and costumes that have deep symbolic senses, the performance of whirling dervishes that takes you mysterious trip towards to old times and offers an unforgettable and unique experience for you.

Performances of whirling dervishes (Mevlevi rites) are performed by 1 head of whirling dervishes, 5 whirling dervishes and 5 musicians. Their performances are for 50 minutes and a slide show about the formation of Fairy Chimneys and Kapadokya is presented for 10 minutes at the beginning of show.

To contribute in intelligibility of shows, booklets in different languages are given to the participants at the beginning.

At the end of show, puerpera sorbet is served to the guests. Don’t you want to feel this sensation?