Balloon tour

Prıce:100 € per person
The Prices Include:Otel-baloon-otel-Transfer,breakfast,2 hour flight champagne,certificate,

Balloons have been the favorite tour vehicle in last year’s. Many years ago, remedies were looked for sightseeing of Kapadokya over the air. Noisy air vehicles such as helicopter damaged the hats of makeshift fairy chimneys. Balloon tours, which have been begun in need of seeking for silent vehicle, are the indispensable method at the present day. The tours have begun with only one balloon, and then it has reached to 200 balloons. In fact, you can see guests who come only for balloon tour.
Balloon tours begin very early in the mornings. For normal tours, it nearly takes 3 hours for transportation from the hotel to balloon airstrips, breakfast, flight, landing, distribution of certificate and celebration with champagnes. Limit of endurance takes more than one hour.
Upon the request, the shortest tours are organized