Cappo Convention


We offer Efor Tour’s unique experience in each organization in every branch of tourism since 1983 in Conference tourism growing like topsy all over the world. As Efor Tour we provide you, precious guests with qualified options in different option, capasity and equipment for conferences, business meetings, receptions, conventions and social events. We offer our guests an ideal organization with our profesional team and professional guides in all social events in package programs and by evaluating special requests. If you wish to work with an organization firms ensuring that your your organizations are carried out outstandingly without having a trouble, we are ready for creating, developing and implementing a project on behalf of you! To understad what our customers want depends on listening them well and offering the best service in order to get customer satisfaction. This is the main principle to ensure customer loyalty. Our unchanging understanding of service and adopting our work increase customer’s commitment. To do our job well with creativeness is the most important factor to put behind our competitors.

• National Congresses
• International Congresses
• Symposium, meeting, conference
• Cocktail, gala, (dinner-dinnerless)
• Special foreign organizations
• Education meetings
• Road show
• Dealers meetings
• Product launch meetings
• Term meetings
• Motivation organizations
• Education of corporate communication and stress (Efor’s own personnel)

• Site selection, time planning
• Budget planning
• Organization and design
• Service of secretariat
• Technological and techmnical equipments
• Management of Activity centre
• Design and press service of printed materials and promotions
• Management of sponsorship
• Management of social and cultural activities

Opcion -1

inevision, overhead projector, simultaneous translation rooms,sound level with high-standard are available in our congress hall with the capacity of 350 people with its garden for 1000 poeple is at your service in your dinner or cocktail parties.
Total : 160 m2 - 80m2
Organization of class: 100 -30 people
Organization of theatre: 200 - 60 people

Opcion -2
Our invitation opportunities as equipped technically 1. Congre Saloon for 300 people and 2. Saloon for 75 people are at your service. It would be a pleasure for our professional team to plan your meetings and help you .
Total : 4 saloons
The biggest : 150m2
Organization of class : 120 people
Organization of theatre : 250 people

Opcion -3

It has been guaranteed that conference and company meetings will be carried out greatestly with totally five multipurpose meeting halls with the capasity of 30-150 people. Free acces to wifi is provided in our meeting halls.Organization of the class : 150 people Organization of the theatre : 300 people

Opcion -4

Conference Centre presents ideal provisions for a functional business trip with a gala hall and a meeting hall which have technological equipment and infrastructure, a divisible meeting hall as two seperate saloons, a small meeting saloon and two meeting rooms providing practical working areas for forty people to you
The biggest : 610m2 170m2 63m2 85m2
In theatre : 675 180 50 90
Organization of class : 400 130 40 65


This region’s hotel has the biggest congress hall in Kapadokya. It can offer a service at the same time with a 1000- m2 and two 500-m2 meeting rooms, in cocktail party for 1500 persons, in theatre layout for 1200 persons and in banquette layout for 900 persons.

Convention Center

It can offer a service from 30 persons to 500 persons in its 7 halls, which have sizes varying between 45 m2 and 386 m2.

Besides, this region’s hotel has 2 restaurants, which have sizes 520 m2 and 257 m2, and a pool side in 700-m2 field.