You will enjoy the accommodations varying by region with the comfort of at least 4-star hotels. We prefer to arrange star hotels for central accommodations and local establishments with the local color and the comfort and perspective of star hotels for local districts.
Except for hotel accommodations, we provide you with the other accommodation options including camping programmes and boat tours by ensuring that we will cover all your needs with comfort and care.
At your request, we will send you your accommodation information with both images and name and address before the tour starts. Under all circumstances, within the scope of working principles of our agency, you will be informed about every detail of the tour services offered by professional guides from the very first day of the tour.


For your satisfaction and delight of our tours, we delicately prepare refreshments. We provide you with full board accommodations with the extras on the house for all of our tour programmes.We make our choices of refresment facilities to introduce you to the area with local specials at the highest standards.
We select random places on our route for lunch during the tour so that there is no waste of time. Dinners are mostly provided in the hotel restaurants; otherwise, the best facilities around the accommodation place are selected. For the breakfast, you can have unlimited tea, coffee and beverage. For the other meals, only the first non-alcoholic drink is included in the programme.

We use luxury vehicles with ministerial approval in accordance with the passenger number for your transport from airport to the hotel or during your tour. You will be accompanied by a captain driver and a professional tourist guide during your tour. You will be informed of everything you need to know during the tour. At your request, all the information about the vehicles except for motor vehicle will be given to you.


We provide you with qualified, experienced, professional guides who are licensed of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Turkey for all of our tours.


Our agency is responsible for all misfortunes and problems as to the tour programme, accommodation, check-in/check out, transfer and refreshments. All these problems will be cleared up by those concerned and you will be given prompt feedback. Apart from these, your personal demands are evaluated by the tour guides and you will be immediately informed about them.
Thanks to our 30 years of experience and our professional team, our agency has considered everything for you to have a peaceful tour with a travel insurance.