Price 40 € 
The price include:atv and guidance

Atv Motor had been designed for those who want to have an safari excitement and is indispensable for those who want a sightseeing of beauties of Kapadokya with motor. They are one-day trips and tours which are organized to discover Kapadokya region that has unique sights, to have an adventure in the racecourses that are up-and-down and dusty and earthy, to commune with nature and to rest both your eyes and souls, far from the crowd, in the green of pines, the blue of sky, the purple of the mountains and the crimson cover of fairy chimneys. It is a vehicle that you can get on without fair and no driving licence. With its 4 wheels, sometimes into mud or sometimes into water and sometimes being completely tete a tete with sight and nature, you will enjoy safari with adrenaline and excitement and get plenty
of pleasure. We organize such tours upon the request of our guests.